2018 Block by Block Rule and Fabric Requirements


Only One Rule:

You must make the blocks in the order that we have assigned to them ( 1 through 40).  You will receive the patterns for 2 blocks at a time.  You have to bring us 2 completed pieced blocks (no pictures on your phone, please) in order to get the next 2 patterns. In other words, you can pick up the block patterns any time but you must construct the 2 blocks and bring them in to show us to get the next 2 patterns.  Let's be specific: Come in any time on or after January 13th and pick up your first 2 patterns.  Go home and make them.  Bring the completed blocks in any time and pick up patterns #3 and #4. Make #3 and #4 blocks, bring them in to show us and pick up #5 and #6, and so on til you have made all 40 blocks.  For you fast sewers who live nearby, note that you will only be allowed to pick up patterns once per day.



Fabric for Patches Block by Block 2018:

We used 19 eighth yard pieces and 19 quarter yard pieces to piece the 40 blocks.  We started with 38 eighth yard pieces and when we had completed a little over 20 of the blocks, we were running out of the fabrics we used most which happened to be the lighter tones so we added an additional eighth of the 19 fabrics that we had used most. As stated, you do not have to use 40 different fabrics. The total yards that we used for piecing the blocks turned out to be about 7 yards.


You will need:


(Finished Size -- 87" x 96")



1.When does it start? You can start any time on or after January 13.

2.How long does it last? As long as we are in business.

3.Do I have to use 40 fabrics? No, you can use as few or as many as you like.

4.Do I have to make the quilt like the shop model? No, but you do have to use all of the blocks to be eligible for the $40 gift certificate. If you want to make more than one quilt from the blocks then you would have to bring both quilts in to be eligible for the gift certificate.

5.How much does it cost to participate? Nothing, there is no charge for participating.

6. Can I pick up more than two patterns and bring back more than two block? No, you will have to visit us 20 times to get all of the patterns.

7. When will I get the directions for putting it together. When you pick up block #31 and 32, we will provide you that information.

8. If I choose a different setting can I add blocks? Yes but you have to include the 40 that we used to be eligible a the gift certificate.

9. Can I alter the size of the blocks if I want to make a smaller quilt? Yes, you can change the size but not the design of the block.